Interested in painting with us?

Foreman, Lead Painters, Painters Helpers!
This job is for you if you are a hardworking, communicative, quick learner. As a painter for our company you are the friendly face in the field that cares for the customer and their home. You support our business by providing a proactive attitude and an ability to handle criticism well.

We are a small family business. Hardwork, hustle, growth and trust are values that we hold and appreciate in others. We believe in supporting local companies and in building community and relationships with our clients, vendors, community and our employees. You are the type of person who wants and believes in the same.

Painting, like many trades isn’t easy. But we know that with some hustle, some fun and some hardworking people we can make it a job that you wish your other company was more like.

Do you want to grow in a company with a drama free environment that values your opinions, feedback? We invite you to apply, get to know us and see what we are about. If you can align with what we are working towards and are quick to learn and quick to move we want to meet you!